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Ceroc's very own dancers have tried and tested the products and have kindly offered us their results. It is important to the Ceroc Well-Being team that we are only offering the finest quality products from the most reputable of companies, and so your success stories help us to research other services and distributors, both global and independent. If you would like to submit your own story, please send a photo, details of where you dance and the benefits you have received to ceroc7@ceroc.com
JUICEPLUS+ PREMIUM CAPSULES I lost one-and-a-half stone and dropped two dress sizes from taking the Juiceplus shakes. I also started taking Premium capsules and had amazing results with hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails. Since taking the capsules the biggest difference I noticed was at Ceroc weekenders. I was able to dance a lot harder for a lot longer, and my recovery time after the weekender was significantly reduced. I was ready to dance again on Monday night! Danielle Moore - Ceroc Teacher @ Haywards Heath and Well-Being Specialist
GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN, MSM and ALOE VERA I started drinking Aloe Vera every morning for general well-being, and after about 1 month noticed a difference in my skin quality, hair growth and general resistance to coughs and colds. I then moved on to the Aloe Vera with added Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM after a friend recommended these ingredients for joint ache. As a professional dancer taking a demanding dance degree, I always struggled with aching limbs, impact pain and crunching shoulders. I immediately noticed that my recovery time after heavy training was significantly reduced and the grinding sensation in my shoulders was completely resolved. I now take a small shot of the drink every morning with breakfast, and on weeks that I forget, my throbbing joints remind me to get back on board straight away! It is now an essential part of my dance diet and I would strongly recommend it to anybody in the fitness industry or anybody who suffers with post-dancing aches and pains. Tim Sant - Head of Dance for Ceroc and Well-Being Specialist
HERBALIFE PROTEIN BARS Herbalife has transformed my life. I started using the products to slim down, tone up and gain energy and I can confidently say I have never felt this happy and healthy. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my own skin, but I'm also extremely satisfied that my body is receiving great nutrition every single day. When it comes to dancing, I love how the products give me both an energy and a confidence boost. I can feel the difference in my performance, my ability and my stamina and always know that I will be the last person on the floor at the end of a night! Sarve Didar - Ceroc Escape/Zouk Teacher and Well-Being Specialist
JUICEPLUS+ COMPLETE SHAKES We have been drinking the Juiceplus+ Shakes and have lost between 2 and 2.5 stone each! We find the plan very easy to follow and are continuing to lose weight whilst enjoying our lifestyle. We are regular Ceroc members at Ceroc Fever and we have noticed a massive difference with our fitness too. Our energy levels have increased since losing the weight and we are able to dance for much longer and are enjoying our classes and freestyles more than ever. Harry and Ceildhi Lightfoot - Ceroc Fever Dancers and Ceroc Cruise Coordinator
HERBALIFE LIFTOFF TABLETS I always struggled with my weight and energy levels. The gym or any kind of exercise just seemed impossible. Since starting HerbaLife, I feel like I have changed into a better version of myself. More physically fit and healthier too. My favourite product is the HerbaLife Liftoff tablets which are essentially the herbal and healthier equivalent of an energy drink. It really helps give me a boost in everyday life and when exercising, I find I have loads more energy than before and I am happy in the knowledge that they are purely herbal and not full of dangerous ingredients. Highly recommended for dancers! Brenner James